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Rockin Green Complete Active Wear Pack

Your worn and sweaty active wear won’t know what’s hit it when you treat it with the one-two punch of our Active Wear Detergent and Active Wear Sports Spray. Not only can your active wear smell fresh and clean again, but you can spray gym bags, sneakers, yoga mats and more with Active Wear Sports Spray to instantly freshen and neutralize odors. The all-natural and biodegradable formula of both of these products are gentle on clothes and safe for sensitive skin.     

  • 100% biodegradable, plant-based formulas
  • Safe for high tech fibers in active wear
  • Active Wear detergent deep cleans active wear with a souped-up enzyme blend to attack stains from fat, proteins and starch  
  • Active Wear Sports Spray neutralizes odor with essential oils and and odor neutralizing component  
  • Active Wear Detergent naturally scented with Tea Tree Oil
  • Active Wear Sports Spray naturally scented with mint and eucalyptus
  • Active Wear Sports Spray can be used on sneakers, gym bags, yoga mats, car seats, couches, dog beds and more! (Ideal for smelly items that can’t be washed right away)
  • Both are Vegan and cruelty free

How to use: Wash sweaty, dirty active wear in Active Wear detergent or use the detergent as a soak for an even cleaner clean. Spray Active Wear Sports Spray on smelly items that can’t be washed right away, like gym bags and yoga mats. Allow to dry or wipe off!

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