About Us

We are the NZ branch of Rockin' Green!

Rockin’ Green eco-friendly cleaning products are for families that care about their health and their planet. Unsatisfied with the “green” cleaning products on the market, Kim, a mum of three, created her own special non-toxic laundry soap formula that works tough on dirt and stains while being gentle to the environment, your family, and your budget. From Kim’s kitchen to now a well-known brand, Rockin’ Green is a family favourite for cleaning all types of spills, messes, stains, and funk around your house.

What makes Rockin’ Green organic cleaners the best? They are…

      * Biodegradable and made from recycled materials

      * Recyclable Packaging

      * Phosphate-Free

      * Gluten and Vegan Friendly

      * SLS- and Parabens-Free

      * Free of optical brighteners