Here’s what some of our Kiwi customers had to say about Rockin’ Green:


"Just purchased my first lot of Rockin' Green. Very impressed with how it is cleaning my nappies and blissfully it is getting rid of smells in our other clothes too. Bibs, towels, flannels are all coming out lovely and clean and they smell clean. It's lovely. Pail freshener is amazing as well. So nice not having the house with 'that' odour all the time - especially with stinky teething wee. Thanks so much." Jacqui - Hamilton


"Bought my first Rockin' Green earlier this year and would never use anything else for my nappies. After a couple of strip/hot soaks & washes the stinkies had disappeared from a year of other detergent build up. Never had any smells since and using funk rock in the wash occasionally keeps the smells at bay too. Also love the pail freshener too, keeps my nappy bucket smelling nice and fresh" Catherine - Fielding


"My daughter introduced me to Rockin' Green just over 2 years ago. As we were using an old concrete water tank, we chose hard rock and I was amazed at the immediate difference - in cold water too! Colours were brighter, and no grease stains. I use it for all my horse stuff too, halters, ropes, covers, saddle pads etc - a 24 hour soak in warm water and then rinse/wash cycle and they are as ood as new!" Anne - Whangarei


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