Rockin Green Active Wear Sports Spray - 3 Pack

Platinum Series Active Wear Sports Spray is the missing piece in an active lifestyle. Save some green with the Active Wear Sports Spray Three Pack — stow this essential odor neutralizer in your gym bag, in the car and one at the office for those totally-worth-the-sweat lunch workouts. (Or just be a good friend and share with a couple of your favorite people.) Platinum Series Active Wear Sports Spray keeps funky, sweaty things fresh when you can’t properly wash them right away. It’s a green and clean odor neutralizer formulated with mint and eucalyptus, which also possesses antibacterial properties. Spray, wipe or dry and be on your way.  

  •      Bundle includes 3 Platinum Series Active Wear Sports Sprays (4 ounces)
  •      Biodegradable, plant-based odor neutralizer
  •      Gentle on high-tech activewear fabrics
  •      Naturally scented with mint and eucalyptus essential oils
  •      Instantly freshens items and neutralizes odors
  •      Spray on sneakers, gym bags, yoga mats, car seats, couches, pet beds and more!

How to use: Spray on musty, sweaty, funky items (especially those used during workouts) — air dry or wipe dry, and smell the minty freshness.

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